About GreenPAC 

GreenPAC is a Canadian non-profit, non-partisan environmental organization that works to inspire, activate and amplify environmental leadership in politics. Every Day Advocates is a GreenPAC initiative.

About Every Day Advocates (EDA)

EDA is a community-led movement that builds on GreenPAC's 100 Debates on the Environment to ensure that Canadian politicians, policy makers and elected officials know that the environment matters between elections - every single day.

Watch our 100 Debates 2019 and 2021 recap videos below.

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Canadians from all regions of the country, across the political spectrum are joining together to hold our elected officials accountable for the environment.


GreenPAC is connecting and empowering a network of motivated organizers in communities across the country to take action for the environment. We are amplifying the work of organizers and supporting advocates with the network, tools, resources, training and expertise they need to engage their leaders.

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